About The Mosses Centre.

The Mosses Centre is a large Community Centre situated in the middle of Bury, near the famous Bury Market. It provides a meeting place for over thirty clubs and groups including  Line Dancing and the Armed Forces and Veterans Breakfast. Our Pre-School was inspected recently and has achieved a good Ofsted rating. The Mosses Centre is managed by the Mosses Community Association Ltd, a Registered Charity.

How you can help.

- Visit our Book Stall.

- Join in fund-raising events

-Donate bric a brac or larger items for our table top stall or buy from us!

- Volunteering

- Help with ideas on our committees

  - Donations (via 'Gift Aid.' We can claim the tax back on your donation) (see below)

Mosses Pre School

Mosses Pre-School is now open 50 weeks a year from 8am until 6pm


For further information please contact the Pre-school manager Donna Byrne on

0161 761 2079



Philosophy of our Pre-School


We believe it is our responsibility as educators to present a way of life to help children discover their uniqueness. We recognise that small children absorb everything around them. Therefore, we aim to begin the formal process of education in such a way that natural curiosity and their thirst for knowledge are fostered and extended through experiment and play. We provide a variety of both structured and unstructured learning experiences. It is our role to enable this process to take place in a secure yet stimulating environment. Continuity with progression is achieved by acknowledging and valuing children’s Pre-School experiences. We aim for our children to be able to mix and communicate confidently with adults and other children, in order to achieve independence in many aspects of their learning.


The Pre-School’s philosophy is based on valuing others and the stimulation of the children’s awareness of a global society, being aware of self  valuing friendship, appreciating differences and developing  tolerance. This results in children who become enthusiastic learners and who will approach each new challenge and situation with energy excitement and a sense of self belief.


Our Curriculum


We provide high quality education in line with Government guidelines. The curriculum is delivered through the framework for the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). Through our teaching we adapt our methods and deliver to individual children. We expect our children to rise to challenges and constantly strive to provide opportunities for individuals to flourish. Our whole ethos is positive, we value all achievements and respect everyone in our learning community children, parents/carers and staff.




For more information please contact the Pre-School Manager Donna Byrne telephone 0161-761-2079.

Mosses Community Association

 Mission statement:

The Mosses Community Association is a Registered Charity that exists to meet the needs of the local community and the residents of the whole of Bury Metropolitan Borough by providing opportunities to fulfil their social, recreational and learning aspirations.


This is achieved by:-

- Providing a centre for people of all ages to meet.


- Delivering a range of services in partnership with others, meeting diverse needs.


- Supporting individuals and independent groups.


- The Mosses Community Association prides itself on having a welcoming environment which is inclusive, responsive & innovative.

The Mosses Centre is managed by the Mosses Community Association Limited.

Charity number 1108162;  Company number 5158368


Chair: John Pearcey

Vice-chair: Brent-James Pinder

Registered Office: The Mosses Centre, Cecil Street, Bury BL9 0SB

The Mosses Community centre

Cecil St




0161 761 2079